Amazing Celebrity Pools

Celebrities’ flair for creating envious moments in everything they do even relaxing at home. Celebrity swimming pools are a status symbol and most go all out in getting state of the art and customized designs. From oceanfront stunning views to infinity edge wonders, classic retreats to lagoon style pools, here are some of the most amazing celebrity pools.

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1. Rob Lowe

Rob Lowe’s Santa Barbara home in Southern California was designed by Don Nulty. It has a contemporary style, and the pool fits in beautifully to the design. The house sits on six acres with spectacular views of the mountains and ocean.

2. Ashton Kutcher

The pool set in the rear garden and has a spacious deck. Wife Demi Moore says that it was a joint effort in renovating the Beverly Hills house. Brad Dunning, an LA interior designer, collaborated with them to get a counterbalance on functionality, comfort, style, and design.

3. Alex Rodriguez

His home is Coral Gables, Florida has a wet edge pool with an adjacent barbecue cabana and RH chaise longues. The home was designed by architect Briggs Edward Solomon.

4. Sylvester Stallone

Stallone’s house in Miami is situated on 14 acres and has a neoclassical style. He shares the home with his wife Jennifer Flavin and daughter Sophia. The swimming pool behind the house has a bronze Rocky Balboa statue at one end.

Celebrity Pools
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5. Diane Keaton

Actress Diane Keaton owns a 1927 Spanish Colonial Revival house. She says that she always shied away from color until the house in Bel-Air. She lives with her daughter Dexter and son Duke who love and enjoy swimming all year long.

6. Jayne Mansfield

Jayne Mansfield once announced of her dream to have a Beverly Hills house and a million dollars. The house has a swimming pool in the shape of a heart and was a gift from her fiancé Mickey Hargitay.

7. Frank Sinatra

Frank Sinatra’s home has an oval swimming pool that opens to the golf course. Nancy Sinatra, his wife, even says that golfers often walk in. The house is situated along the 17th fairway of Tamarisk Country Club and has 18 bedrooms and 23 bathrooms.

8. Will and Jada Pinkett Smith

Their home in Malibu, California has a spectacular free-form pool which was designed by Daniel Busbin, the estate’s landscape architect.

Celebrity Pools
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9. Jamie Lee Curtis

The house is in a park-like setting which attracted Christopher, her husband. Mia Lehrer, the architect, collaborated with the couple to combine the 1920s Spanish Colonial Revival style with contemporary style.  The pool is surrounded by eucalyptus trees.

10. John Travolta

The house in Florida has a mid-century style, and Travolta lives there with his wife, Kelly Preston. The pool cabana has stone flooring, a big open space, and tropical vegetation. Designer Sherri James says this is because Travolta wanted to use it for dancing.


Amazing Celebrity Pools

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