Enclose Equipment for Your Pool: Enclosure Ideas

If you want to enclose equipment for your pool, you are among thousands of people that do not want to look at their pool equipment. In this article, we are going to go over enclosure ideas that will enable you to enclose equipment in an attractive way.

Enclose Equipment Options

The decision to enclose equipment is mostly done because of the look it is going to give the yard instead of having a yard that is going to be burdened with the view of equipment, you can have a nice enclosure to look at. Another benefit of enclosing your equipment is the protection of the equipment. You should know that equipment for your pool has been made to withstand the elements but having extra protection isn’t going to hurt it.

There are three different types of enclosures when you want to enclose equipment.

#1 – Walls to Enclose Equipment

enclose equipment
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Whether you want to put up a fancy wall or a simple wall, this can be one of the simplest ways to hide your pool equipment. Your wall doesn’t even have to be a wall. You can get a heavy screen and make sure it is set in place firmly. This can be a fast fix and if you want to have seasonal walls, you can change them out according to your desire.

You may want to look into wooden walls for your more rustic settings or if you want to do something different glass, steel, concrete or vinyl are options.

#2 – Boxes to Enclose Equipment

enclose equipment
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Feel like walls do not have enough protection for your equipment? You can use boxes to enclose your equipment and keep your things safe. Most boxes have hinged lids and slats so make sure to keep this in mind when you are looking for the perfect box for you. You want to make sure there is plenty of ventilation for your equipment.

#3 – Pool House to Enclose Equipment

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If you want to go all out, you can get a pool house and enclose your equipment as well. This is a beautiful way to spruce up your backyard and give yourself a nice place to change so you do not have to drip into the house when it is time to change.

Pool houses are beautiful additions to any yard and have multiple uses so it is a great investment of your money. They can be any size you want them to put. If you want to have a simple pool house that only covers your equipment, that is a low-cost option that will allow you to cover your pool equipment but not be as expensive as a full-size poolhouse that gives you a place to shower.

Get Your Dream Backyard

There are many options for your backyard and you should have exactly what you want. If you know what you want, we can help you install it. Upgrading and updating your pool and is a great way to make your backyard look amazing.

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