Famous Luxury Pools That Will Have You Wild With Envy

If you want to be blown away by luxury pools then these famous luxury pools are sure to have you wild with envy. When it comes to luxury pools, the sky is the limit. There are so many features and options that are available to allow you to get exactly what you want. Take a look at these luxury pools and dream to your heart’s desire.

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You may not think of Dallas as a place that this gorgeous pool would reside, but it is! Right in the middle of downtown Dallas is this beautiful structure. It is lit by the city lights and overlooks the busy streets below. While not everyone may want to swim out to the edge and look over, lounging around the pool could be for anyone.

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This is a gorgeous floating pool that is set to 75 degrees. You can enjoy a gorgeous swim in this floating paradise and enjoy a drink near the edge. This is a detached piece of the Arena Berlin which hosts such events as concerts and sporting matches. This piece of work is set on the river Spree. This is a perfect place to escape busy life in Berlin.

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About 2 hours north of Santa Barbara is Hearst Castle. It sits on the California coast but looks as if you have been taken to another country in another time period. Known as La Cuesta Encantada, or “The Enchanted Hill” it was completed in 1947 and is 127 acres of estate. This pool wows many visitors as they come to take a visit.

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This is a shocker when it comes to luxury pools. It literally looks like they took the beach and put it inside this dome. You’re looking at the ocean dome that is located in Japan. The Seagaia resort in Japan is proud to say that they have the second largest pool in the world. What else is impressive? This pool is able to be indoors. This pool can fit 10,000 people at one time and you will see there is a man-made volcano set to erupt multiple times per day.

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Chile never looked so good. The San Alfonso Del Mar resort in Chile has an impressive watery expanse and has been said to be the largest swimming pool in the entire world. When it comes to luxury pools this one will blow you away. This pool is big enough to fit small motorized boats in it!

Luxury Pools and Creating Your Paradise

Are you ready to create your own paradise and have a beautiful area that is going to make you feel amazing every day that you wake up? Luxury pools have a way of taking you away from the stress of the day and helping you become a person that is calm and at ease. You can contact one of our pool professionals to help you design and install your luxury pools. We have years of experience to back us and many happy customers so make sure to reach out and we will help you through the process.

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