Kelsey Grammer Has An Amazing Swimming Pool

Born in Charlotte Amalie, Saint Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands on 21, February 1955, Allan Kelsey Grammer is an American actor, comedian, director, producer, singer, writer, and activist. He is well known for his role in Cheers and Frasier popular sitcoms on NBC. He has won one Tony Award, three Golden Globe Awards and five Primetime Emmy Awards.

Kelsey Grammer, Swimming Pool
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Allan has been married four times and has seven children and one grandchild. He has homes he bought from earlier trips which include a farm in upstate New York, Ski house in Beaver Creek, Colorado and a five-acre estate in Malibu. A detached guesthouse, Kelsey Grammer, Swimming Pool, a lily pond, a tennis court and horse facilities are also within the estate in Malibu.

Kelsey partly grew up in Florida and fell in love with the tropics. He loves open spaces and the fewer the walls, the better.  His house is 8,500 square feet, and architect Rick Ryniak studied various architecture styles including Charles W. Dickey’s. He also studied some of Hawaii’s most fabled hotels such as the Moana Hotel in Oahu which has a multilevel hip roof. Ryniak designed the residence in the shape of a boomerang to protect it from the northeast winds and laid the public areas on the leeward side.

Landscape architect Russell Y. Gushi of Maui designed the outdoor space and transformed the steep outdoor terrain into terraces with a retaining wall. On the first terrace is an infinity-edge Kelsey Grammer, Swimming Pool with a breathtaking view. The next terrace has a lawn where Kelsey and his wife play croquet. The house also has a full spa which was inspired by the Four Seasons Hotel in Hawaii.

Kelsey Grammer, Swimming Pool
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In 1978, Kelsey Grammer was a neophyte actor. During his spare time, he loved to play jazz piano and fantasized about writing music. He met Frasier, a legendary film composer at the Frank Sinatra’s seventy fifth birthday party. This lead to a friendship that created a movie  “Love letter to Henry.”

Eddy Doumas and Dana Hugo interior design professionals who were well known for their work in Vail Valley homes were consulted by the couple to do their vacation home. They wanted their home to be designed with color, patterns, and materials that related to the environment and those that suggested the history of that part of the world.

The actor found out the Mancini’s house was available. The Mancini family built this house in the year 1980. It was then purchased by the petroleum tycoon Armand Hammer’s grandson. He loved the house and wanted it to reflect its environment. Jim Eserts, Los Angeles architect, helped them have more space, which included a bedroom suite upstairs.

Kelsey Grammer, Swimming Pool
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Camilla Grammer, a designer herself, was well up with the trends in interior design. They both came up with ideas for the spa.

Kelsey and his wife Camille Grammer are so into interior design. They find no reason to live in an ugly place. Despite the historical part of the house, for instance, the Mancini home, they still choose to be unique and have the designs of their taste and preference on the home.

Kelsey Grammer

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