Pool Ideas: Pool & Patio Combos

When it comes to pool ideas, the internet is flooded with them, but you will know when you find the one that is going to be your dream pool. In this article, we are going to talk about pool and patio combos that can allow you to get the luxury experience that you want.

Pool Ideas for Your Pool & Patio Space

When you are having a pool put in, you can’t think of the pool without the patio. Your patio space is going to be something that will either compliment or take away from your pool. We definitely do not want to take away from your pool experience so either updating the patio or totally redoing the patio is a must. With so many options, you may need some help with the options available and when you do, make sure to give us a call.

The Glass Barrier

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Having a beautiful pool isn’t much help if you are always worried your kids are going to fall in. With this beautiful glass barrier around the pool and patio, you will be able to keep your kids safe and enjoy the amazing blue water overlooking the other homes as in this setting. Having lush green grass and potted plants around the pool and patio area brings it to life and gives you the splash of color you need.

Light Up Your Pool Life

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When you really want to add some flare, you can do this by creating dramatic lighting for your pool and patio area. Properly placed lights can spice up a space very quickly. You can put some lamps around the pool and under your floating deck to have a space that almost seems as if it is glowing. This is much better than having a standard floodlight or patio lighting and will make for a relaxing swim.

Mosaic-Like Pool

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The beautiful texture and design of this pool will have you and your friends staring and relaxing for hours. The differing shades of the tile make a gorgeous outdoor space and since the stones are porous it also reduces the risk of slipping in any standing water.

Pool Ideas for Your Dream Pool

With these pool ideas above, you may have gained some inspiration as to what you want to do with your pool and how you want to move forward to create the pool of your dreams. Whether you are sure about what you want or not, you can contact one of our pool professionals to help you start creating it.

Whether you want to do a massive pool or if you want to do one of the small pools aka “spools”, there are plenty of options for you as you are moving forward with your pool ideas and getting the process started. There is no reason to delay the fun and relaxation anymore. Get ready to turn your backyard into a beautiful paradise full or fun and friends throughout the season.

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