Pool Landscape & Features

When you are getting a pool put in at your home, you need to start planning your pool landscape and any features you want to include with your pool installation. If you do not plan for every part of your pool project, you may find yourself coming in over budget and creating a stressful time. In this article, we are going to talk about pool landscape and some features you may want to add.

Pool Landscape & Features to Consider

Some of the pool landscape ideas we list below, you may have been considering and others you may not have thought about. Either way, think about how they can fit into your backyard and the vision you have for your pool landscape.


pool landscape
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You can create a pond that is any shape or size and add fun features to it. You may want to fill a pond with colorful fish and make a koi pond or you may want a garden pond with reeds, lily pads, and other fun vegetation. You could even put multiple ponds in your front or backyard landscaping to compliment your pool design.


pool landscape
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What type of material do you want to make your fountain out of? You can make fountains from urns, pipes, statues or even rock sculptures. Whether you want to add this to your pool, pond or allow it to be a stand-alone feature, fountains will beautifully complement your pool landscape.

Water Walls

pool landscape
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It is not uncommon to find water wall and waterfalls going hand in hand with pools. You can make a water wall that pours into a gorgeous pond or allow it to lead to a brook that borders your property. You can spice your water wall up with a mosaic tiling with an original design or a standard design that you choose.


Waterfalls and spillways are similar but a spillway technically means water that flows out of a dam through a different section. You might want to have serval spillways that go from one pool section to another.


Another beautiful feature to add to your pool landscape is a river. Instead of having a pond, you can make a river that cascades or flows to surround your pool landscape. You can fill these rivers with waterfalls, fountains and aquatic vegetation or any other mixture of things you can think of.

Pool Landscape – Making It Yours

As you are thinking about all the possible features you can put together, you will see that the sky is the limit. If you can see it in your imagination, you can create it in your yard. Think about what is going to bring you the most enjoyment out of these features and pick that for your pool landscape.

While one person may love ponds, another may choose to go with a river. It is entirely up to you and when you work with pool professionals that have years of experience, you can be sure that it will be delivered to you as you have asked it to be.

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