Take 20 Minutes for Water Exercise

When you are looking into water exercise, you may be thinking you do not have time to exercise in or out of the water. In this article, we are going to go over water exercises that will allow you to get your workout in without taking up a lot of time.

Water Exercise to Maintain Your Fitness

Being able to take out 20 minutes for water exercise will allow you to start experiencing the benefits of water workouts. Here are some workouts that will allow you to get your water exercise in within 20 minutes.

#1 – Bicycle

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Doing the bicycle in the pool is a great way to work your abs as well as your legs. You can use the side of the pool by putting your arms on the side and then peddle your legs out or you can get a pool noodle and peddle your legs as many times as you can before your feet touch the ground.

#2 – Jog In Place

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Jogging in place is a great way to get your workout in. When you jog in the pool, you won’t get the high impact you get when you are out of the pool. You will soon see you are able to burn calories without hurting yourself. Jogging in place can be done without any equipment or you can add special weight for in the water so you are able to get the most effective workout.

#3 – Knee Twists

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Another great way to work your legs and your abs is to do knee twists. This means lifting your knee up to the opposite side of your body, putting your leg down and repeating on the other side. This is a simple water exercise but it works very well when you want to burn fat and build muscle.

Water Exercise and Health

When you commit to water exercise, you will soon see that you notice you are feeling different. You may start to feel fewer aches and pains or you may notice you have more energy. Whatever it is, you most likely notice a significant change that you can link directly to getting more active and beginning water exercise.

There are multiple health benefits to using water exercise and these go beyond the fact that water will entice you to get out and get active. Being able to workout in water will keep you from having to deal with the sweat all through your workout and instead, you will be able to cool off and keep the sweat at bay with the amazing water.

Water exercise will strengthen your muscles, build your endurance, increase flexibility and give you the ability to do low-impact exercise in the comfort of your own backyard.

If you don’t have a pool of your own already, you may want to speak to one of our pool professionals to get the help you need with putting the pool project together so you can enjoy water exercise in your own backyard.

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