Vinyl Pool Liners: Tips To Keep Your Pool Clean While on Vacation

Vinyl pool owners want to make sure their pool liner looks amazing and their pool stays clean while on vacation. In this article, we are going to give you tips on how to keep your pool looking amazing even while you are on vacation.

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Your Pool Liner Looks Bad

If your pool liner looks bad and dirty, your whole pool is going to look a mess. Even if your pool is clean, your pool liner could look dirty because of stains. There are different patterns of liners you can look into and buy so make sure to take a look at the different patterns that are available. The liner you choose is going to make your pool look totally different.

Besides for looking amazing, replacing your line is going to give you a new layer of protection between your pool water and the pool floor. Even if you take good care of your pool, there are things that will happen that will wear down your pool as times goes on. The beating sun evaporating your water and creating chemical imbalances is one of the greatest factors when it comes to vinyl deterioration. There are other things that can cause damage as well.

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Nevermind what causes the damage, you need to know how to tell that damage has happened. Some of the ways you will be able to tell are: cracking, tearing, fading, staining, wrinkling, slipping & stretching. Any of these things are signs that your vinyl needs to be replaced so make sure you keep an eye out for it.

If your vinyl problem isn’t taken care of, things could go south quickly. A crack might grow in your pool liner, wrinkles could cause holes and more.

How to Keep Your Pool Clean During Vacation

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If you are going on vacation, you may be worried about your pool liner and the rest of your pool. You know as well as anyone else that a pool left unattended could go down a bad road very quickly. Here are some things you can do while you are gone to make sure you don’t come home to a terrible looking pool.

Fill your pool. If the water level goes down, your pool’s filter is not going to work right. Fill the pool all the way and even higher than you normally would. Make sure to check and adjust your pH level as necessary and then it is time to shock the pool. If you use tablets or sticks, load the chlorine floater right before you leave. Add a dose of swimming pool algaecide before you leave too. You should backwash or clean the filter and pump as well as any skimmer baskets before you leave.

While the above things will help your pool liner and the rest of the pool, your best option is to ask a friend to pool sit while you are gone. You do not want to come back to a pool disaster.

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